From GrapeCity

In November 2023, GrapeCity inc. changed its name to
MESCIUS inc. in order to further enhance its corporate value with new partners.
We at MESCIUS will take a new step forward to the next stage
with a strong will to create more value than ever in this ever-changing world
and “to serve the world.”

Toward a valuable future

The new company name “MESCIUS” is a coined word derived from the Latin words “MESSIS” and “SOCIUS”.
It is our hope that the many fruits we have cultivated with our customers will lead us
into the future and bring even more valuable.

Logo mark symbolizing our new vision

The concept of the logo mark is “the heartbeats of new value.”
The left and right pillars represent “fruitfulness” and “connection,”
while the center pillar represents “new value” generated from the two pillars.
Its shape symbolizes the waveform of a heartbeat,
visually expressing the concept of “the heartbeats of new value.”

The value created by MESCIUS is the heartbeats of society,
and this logo mark powerfully symbolizes the sustainable growth of ourselves and the world.